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MDC-T spokesperson, Douglas Mwonzora has dismissed the MDC-T leadership renewal team as a bunch of attention seekers out to fleece suspended MDC-T deputy treasurer Elton Mangoma.

Mangoma is the public face of a current campaign to dislodge founding leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

Jacob Mafume, lawyer to Mangoma in an alleged assault case by Tsvangirai supporters, was announced interim spokesperson of the leadership renewal team at a press briefing Saturday.

He immediately bashed the former Prime Minister for alleged failed leadership while insisting the anti-Tsvangirai camp was determined to dislodge the opposition leader.

He was assisted in this by party youth assembly secretary general, Promise Mkhwananzi who said the renewal camp was trying to rescue the 15 year old opposition movement from Tsvangirai’s dictatorial leadership.

But Mwonzora scoffed at the group’s attempts in a later interview with the Standard newspaper Saturday.

“This is work of cheap liquor-loving malcontents who are trying to justify the money they are fleecing from poor Elton Mangoma who believes he is getting legal aice,” he said, “They are cheap lawyers who have never won even a maintenance case.”

Mwonzora said it was surprising that the group was clamouring for constitutionalism at the same time calling for Tsvangirai’s removal through a press conference.

He said leadership in the MDC-T is obtained through the party congress.

“Therefore we are not going to lose sleep as a result of incompetent attention-seeking individuals,” he said.

Mwonzora said in comments apparently directed at party secretary general Tendai Biti, “The real master that they are speaking on behalf of is too spineless to talk for himself.”

Biti is believed to be the mastermind of the “coup” attempts.

During the press conference Saturday, Mafume admitted the use of junior MDC-T politicians as front runners in the project, was a strategy aimed at clearing the ground for the renewal attempt’s masterminds who feared the strategy can be frustrated before it could find traction.

“At this present moment, what is needed is to protect the democrats in the MDC who are genuinely calling for renewal, that they are not indeed victimised by those who are breaking away from the values of the party while trying to create the impression that they are in the majority when clearly they are in the minority within the MDC in terms of issues around strategic renewal, leadership renewal,” he said.

Source : New Zimbabwe