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THE MDC Renewal Team says the Zanu PF government is responsible for the increase in festive season road accidents deaths.

According to the police, 81 deaths due to road accidents have so far been recorded since the beginning of the festive holiday.

This year’s holiday death toll has risen by eight percent compared to last year’s.

In a statement to the media Monday, the MDC Renewal team said government’s failure to rehabilitate the country’s high ways was the main cause of the rise in accidents.

“The increase in the road accidents is a wake-up call for the government of the day to seriously look into the state of our roads as they have become highways of death. Every single day, Zimbabwe is losing precious lives as innocent travellers perish on our roads,” said the Sekai Holland led party.

“We urge the government to increase the speed in the construction of the dual carriageways on all highways and ensure that all vehicles are fit to be on the roads while drivers have valid licences.”

Government has however made progress in rehabilitating the Harare-Bulawayo road and the Harare-Mutare roads.

Work however still needs to be done on the Harare -Masvingo and Masvingo -Beitbridge roads whose life spans have since lapsed. As a result the two roads have over the years recorded high numbers of accidents.

The party which broke away from the Morgan Tsvangirai MDC also attributed the road accidents to police corruption.

“As reported by the police on Sunday, most of the accidents that occurred over the festive season are a result of human error. We also urge the police to shun corruption and be on high alert to ensure that road users abide by the rules of the roads especially drunken drivers.”

The party said the government should immediately formulate a national road-safety strategy to address the unnecessary road carnage.

Source : New Zimbabwe