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Rebels in the MDC-T, calling for the ouster of party leader Morgan Tsvangirai, have dismissed reports of unity saying all is not rosy in the labour backed movement.

Two weeks ago Tsvangirai said there was renewed unity within the party following talks aimed at bringing an end to months of infighting.

‘We have discussed our issues and there is now unprecedented harmony and unity of purpose in the MDC cockpit,’ Tsvangirai said following a meeting of the national executive in Harare. He added ‘The party is not in turmoil. Of course this was just a bleep in the struggle.’

There has been discord in the MDC-T since the party ‘lost’ to ZANU PF in last year’s elections. The latest bickering was triggered after the suspension of the deputy treasurer and former energy minister Elton Mangoma, who in January publicly called on Tsvangirai to resign over the election defeat.

Mangoma’s lawyer and MDC-T member Jacob Mafume, accused Tsvangirai of departing from the party’s core values, alleging the use of violence, a blatant disregard of the party’s Constitution and undemocratic approaches to decision making.

‘Regrettably, such tendencies have alienated genuine democrats within the party to the point where differences in value propositions have reached irreconcilable proportions.’ Mafume said at a press conference.

In an apparent reference to Mafume’ statement, Tsvangirai told party supporters in Mkoba, Gweru on Sunday that the rebels were free to form their own party and said he found it strange that they were lecturing him on core values when they have no idea where the party came from.

Youth leader Promise Mkwananzi, who is part of the renewal team, told SW Radio Africa on Monday that they still need to convene a meeting and iron out issue that have been bedeviling the party.

‘Things are still not yet rosy in the party. We still need to revisit some issues on the internal suspensions, sporadic violence and more specifically to relook at the suspension of Elton Mangoma,’ said Mkwananzi.

Source : SW Radio Africa