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I HAVE been following with dismay the depths of despair that our beautiful game has sunk to. Interestingly, what everyone seems to be continuing to go on about is actually to me not the biggest problem football in Zimbabwe faces.

Let me first get rid of the elephant in the room and state that the current board must be replaced as per the Zifa constitution and the entire Zifa executive, especially the CEO, must have their power taken awayreduced and in some cases certain staff must be fired for incompetence.

All must be done legally and as per the constitution.

Unfortunately, this action may take some good people out of the board and executive but they can always seek re-election.

Government must NOT interfere in this process, it’s time the Zifa Council stood up and be counted and pass a vote of no confidence in the Board because if they do not they shouldn’t forget that they too can be replaced.

To the Council I say if you care about football then the time to act is NOW.

If you do not, do not be surprised if the entire football community, supporters, sponsors boycott football.

Like rats on a sinking ship the Council has not realised they are drowning and should swim for it right now if they wish to retain any dignity and honour.

Okay, so that’s out of the way.

I am going to sound very controversial right now.

The banning of our great nation from the 2018 World Cup is a blessing and not a curse. Why do I say this?

What are the major issues affecting football?

Debt, money to run operating expenses, lack of national team facilities, lack of funds to pay coaches and even players, chaotic organisation in the association, lack of player development, coherent national plan to pull football out of this hole it finds itself in?

Imagine, if you will, that the current Board is relieved of its duties, the Executive dismantled, fired or resign, it gives the new board and executive five years to put in place all the necessary tools to put our football where It should be, one of the top 10 teams in Africa.

All of this being done with no distractions just a united football community, with a long-term plan, with clear deliverables, accountability and sound corporate governance.

All being done without distractions.

Let me ask this – how is ZIFA supposed to pay off all its debts while it continues to accumulate more debt every day?

How is ZIFA supposed to put in place a coherent master plan for our football when most of their time is spent firefighting?

How can they put in place sound governance structures when the very situation would call for out-of-the-box thinking, which we all know means to tweek the rules.

They cannot!

ZIFA and football needs a pause, a pause to repair what has been broken, not just by this current board but over the last 10 years.

It’s time to finally put our house in order and the perfect opportunity has been given to us.

Yes the pause maybe due to alleged incompetence by ZIFA but as my mother always said, son in every dung heap you will find life.

So, let’s take our dung heap and use it to turn our football future into a beautiful garden.

*Andy Hodges is a former director and chairman of CAPS United and he is now based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Source : The Herald