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THE latest cabinet reshuffle is uninspiring and does not give Zimbabweans hope or bring to the country the much needed investor confidence, the MDC-Renewal Team has said.

The party said it was disturbing that after “unconstitutionally appointing” Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko as vice presidents, Mugabe further “dampened” the country’s prospects of improving the lives of the people of Zimbabwe by appointing “deadwood.”

The MDC-Renewal Team’s statement comes after the National Constitutional Assembly leader, Lovemore Madhuku, approached the Constitutional Court challenging the appointment of both Mnangagwa and Mphoko.

In his affidavit the University of Zimbabwe professor of law said Mugabe had violated the Constitution by appointing the two, following the firing of former VP Joice Mujuru.

Mugabe further appointed new cabinet ministers to replace those whom he had fired for being part of what he claimed was a plot to oust him.

But the MDC-Renewal Team further said the new appointments were “not based on merit or on reviving the economic fortunes of the country, but are of tired minds that have played a part in bringing down the country’s economy.”

In a statement the party said the new appointments were “regrettable” as they were meant to please “Mugabe’s bootlickers.” The statement added that Mugabe’s reshuffle stood to “prolong political and economic uncertainty in the country.”

Mugabe’s latest appointments, the party further claimed show that he does not care about “continued and deepening poverty” in the country.

The party called for a team of “non-partisan technocrats” and “competent Zimbabweans” under the National Technical Council (NTTC) to take over the administration of the economy “with immediate effect.”

That team, said the party, will address the economic meltdown, “rising unemployment and wide spread poverty while the country sorts out the contentious issue of electoral reforms which will prepare Zimbabwe to hold free, fair, credible and undisputed elections.”

Source : New Zimbabwe