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Caledonia and Eastview Development Consortium residents recently demonstrated against a school that was opened in their area last month following revelations that it was being run illegally. The headmaster of the school had been arrested for alleged fraud a few days before the demonstration. The school was opened on January 13, 2015 and the founders were pocketing thousands of dollars paid by parents through falsehoods.

David Chikunguru who is said to be the founder of the school said, “This is a private school that I opened together with my colleague, but that was just the marketing strategy that we used.

“We were given up to the end of this month to register the school by the Ministry of Education since our standards are not meeting with those required by the ministry,” he said.

It has an enrolment of about 1 305 students, both primary and secondary students. The protesters accused Chikunguru of swindling their money but with no development taking place.

Our photographer Justin Mutenda also captured events that unfolded on the day.

Source : The Herald