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Zimbabweans in the Diaspora must return home to participate in rebuilding the country’s economy, Senior Minister of State Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo has said.

Ambassador Khaya Moyo told a recent meeting organised by the Zimbabwe Congress of Students Unions at Harare Polytechnic to celebrate the 51st Africa Day anniversary that individuals in foreign lands had a role to play in economic development.

“You go in the SADC region its Zimbabweans who are running the economies of those countries and beyond. In Europe it’s you people who are there and can you imagine if we say come back all of you and let us now address all our challenges.

“This is going to be something else in this country and we shall be moving also in that direction to make sure that those in the Diaspora come back and make the situation attractive in the sense that they must feel that they have got a duty to contribute to our economic development

“So if you have got any relative outside, please tell them to get ready to come back home because we need them so that Zimbabwe can move ahead,” he said.

He rallied youths to be imbued with the spirit of Pan-Africanism.

“Are we pursuing the same principles of Pan-Africanism or we are now a bunch of yes men to outsiders, sell-outs with no principles? Today you are there, tomorrow there or rolling stones gathering no moss at all because of no principles? So let us reflect on the challenges facing us as a continent.”

He said visas and passports impeded regional integration.

“While there is evidence of progress within our sub-regional blocks like ECOWAS and SADC,in regional passport areazone and free visa requirements zone, respectively, it is a fact that the institutionalisation of regional integration at continental level is still at its infancy and it must be addressed.”

Ambassador Khaya Moyo said governments must foster social security.

“Now that we are independent we must not allow the same aerse conditions that existed in colonial days to persist, we must not remain servants, but masters of our own destiny. If we do not empower our people, the resentment which overthrew colonialism will be mobilised against us thereby reversing the giant strides that Africa has taken to reclaim its heritage, integrity and sovereignty,” he said.

On corruption, Ambassador Khaya Moyo said the vice must not be tolerated.

“We have to get rid completely of corruption, we can’t build a country by putting corruption as a virtue. That which is not yours is not yours what belongs to the people belongs to the people, be accountable to the people not your pockets.

“There are some people who don’t at any stage think about their colleagues. People voted us in and we are now in these positions and we cease to be accountable to them, we cannot allow that. So those of you who are corrupt, if the senior minister here is corrupt say so, there is no room for corruption.”

Source : The Herald