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MDC RENEWAL TEAM says plans by local authorities to install prepaid water meters in people’s homes are “a selfish way” of self-enrichment by council officials and as such residents should revolt en masse against the move.

Councils of Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru and Mutare have announced that very soon they will be installing prepaid water meters in all the houses.

Jacob Mafume, the spokesperson of the Sekai Holland party, told NewZimbabwe.com in Harare, Monday, that Zimbabweans must demonstrate should the local authorities insist on installing the prepaid water meters.

“We would like to urge the residents of the said cities to resist any attempts by their councils to install these pre-paid water meters as the move is unconstitutional and a disregard of the people’s human rights,” he said.

The country’s constitution, which was adopted last year, gives citizens the right to water.

Local authorities argue that the installation of prepaid water meters are a way of recovering water bills which residents were not paying.

But Mafume said local authorities were divorcing themselves from the people by proposing prepaid water meters.

“We would like to urge all the local councils to be pro-poor and put the lives of the people first, not take an elitist approach on service delivery issues because residents are not homogeneous,” said Mafume.

He accused council officials of trying to enrich themselves at the expense of the poor residents.

“It is a shame that the councils would want to deprive residents the right to clean water at the expense of getting revenue that will at most times not go to improved and better service delivery and paying workers’ salaries but to fund the lifestyles of senior executives,” said Mafume.

Source : New Zimbabwe