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FESTIVE holiday road accidents continue to rise with 12 people dying within 24 hours as police blame poor driving and un-roadworthy vehicles for the carnage.

National police spokesperson Paul Nyathi said from December 15 to Wednesday the 24th, 120 accidents have been witnessed-double the statistics recorded during the same period last year.

“We have witnessed a rise in the number of people who have perished within a day by a double. Last year on 24 December, six people died on that day due to road accidents, but this year, the police said 12 perished overnight mainly due to negligent driving.

“Police are appealing to all drivers to continue exercising caution on the road in order to safeguard life and prevent accidents,” he said.

The force is blaming poor driving and damaged vehicles for the accidents.

However, ordinary Zimbabweans have blamed the state of the roads for the increasing road fatalities saying government has done nothing to improve the road infrastructure.

Nyathi said during this festive season, the force has so far issued out 67584 tickets to public transporters with the least fine being $10.

“An analysis of fatal road accidents has revealed the following: 11 accidents have been caused by overtaking errors as drivers approach road intersections and moving in the face of oncoming traffic,” Nyathi said.

“17 accidents have been caused by speeding motorists who wantonly disregard road rules and regulations and four accidents have been caused by vehicle defects such as tyre bursts and other mechanical faults,” the police said.

The police said this year, 718 accidents have been recorded against 599 recorded last year during the same corresponding period of the season.

“Passengers are encouraged to check all road sides after disembarking from public service vehicles,” he said

Source : New Zimbabwe