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FOUR men who robbed prominent Mutare businesswoman, Portia Magada, 49, of $2850 and R650 in had a local court in stitches last week when they blamed evil spirits for the robbery.

The four men, all from Bulawayo, snatched a handbag with the cash from Magada’s vehicle and made good their escape in a VW Bora only to be later arrested by police manning a roadblock near Mabvuku turn-off in Harare.

Thulani Magutshwa, 32, Victor Matshazi, 34, Most Mutinhiri, 31 and Robert Nyazika, 39, pleaded guilty to theft when they appeared before Mutare magistrate Makamera Waini last Monday.

Asked why they committed the offence, the four men replied: “Your Worship, we were possessed by evil spirits.”

Magistrate Makamera was not swayed by the claim and sentenced each of them to eight months imprisonment, suspending four months on condition of good behaviour.

They were given the option paying a fine of $275 apiece provided they restitute their victim the full amount.

Prosecutor Cuthbert Bhosha told how Magada and her son parked their vehicle outside a building she owns which is under construction close to Railway Street in central Mutare but forgot to lock the doors.

While Magada was busy inspecting the building, the four men approached her vehicle and pounced.

The court heard that Magutshwa opened the door and snatched the handbag whilst his three accomplices kept a lookout.

A local man sitting from a distance witnessed the incident and tipped Magada about the robbery.

Prosecutors said Magada’s son rushed to their vehicle and tried to give chase but he failed to catch up with gateway VW Bora.

Still, he only managed to note the vehicle registration number and filed a report with the police who reacted quickly leading to the arrest of the gang at Mabvuku turn off in the capital.

Only $1,748 was recovered.

Source : New Zimbabwe