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Police have warned people attending funeral wakes to ensure that their cars are guarded as thieves were targeting such huge gatherings to break into vehicles and steal valuables. Police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi said criminals are targeting funerals in Harare’s northern suburbs where they steal bags containing documents, cellphones, laptops and cash.

He also appealed to the public to ensure that at least two or three people were on guard while others were attending funeral wakes.

The police’s appeal follows two cases in Mount Pleasant and Greystone Park where two vehicles were broken into while the owners were attending a funeral wake.

Supt Nyathi warned the criminals who were targeting unsuspecting mourners at residential places and graveyards that the long arm of the law would soon catch up with them.

“Police have stepped up surveillance on all funeral gatherings especially in the northern suburbs of Harare,” he added.

Supt Nyathi said the police were appealing to anyone with information on any criminal movement to contact their nearest police station or telephone the national complaints desk on 04-703631.

Source : The Herald