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Forgotten musician Ronnie Huni of the “Mazuva Ose” fame has bounced back with a new nine track album entitled “And All That Jazz”.

The album brings mature music from Huni, who was classified as an urban grooves musician when he made a name in 2006.

Some of the songs on the jazz album include “Mufaro”, “Vakafa”, “Gadzirira” and “Maiziva”.

Huni said he was happy with the comeback after a break.

“Music has always been my passion. I started singing at a tender age and turned professional in 2005. I had hit songs that were social anthems in 2006 and 2007, which are ‘Mazuva Ose’ and ‘Zviri Mumoyo’. Then, I was focusing more on my education, but since I have completed my studies, all is well now and I am here to stay in music,” he said.

He said the new album is a mixture of Afro-fusion and Katekwe because they fuse well with his style.

“I do jazz but thought to include a mixture of Katekwe and Afro-fusion which is more familiar with the older generation because my album targets mature audience,” he said.

Huni said he is set to launch the album anytime soon and is working with top local musicians.

“I can’t reveal some of the artistes that I am working with on the project because it is part of the contract not to disclose details until the project is fully baked.

“I am inspired by what I see everyday and some of the situations that I have been involved in.

“Music can sustain livelihoods if taken seriously and I am back to make a mark,” he said.

Source : The Herald