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They always say time changes things, but in many cases you actually have to change them yourself. After many years of absence from the stage, the Gomo brothers, popularly knwon as Roy and Royce, have decided to change things by returning with a new single titled “Zvinoita Kunge”.

The new track is getting nods of approval from their long-time fans who took time to give their views on the single when it was sampled on Star FM’s “Rate it or Hate it” programme recently.

The song, which has won the hearts of many, is a must-hear to all those who hold on to their loved ones against all odds.

“We are very excited about our new single and how people are responding to it on radio. This shows us that people still like us out there. We are very much aware that there was a bit of lapse since our last release in 2005, but the reality is that we never really stopped writing or making music”, said Roy.

The two brothers said as most people would like to call this their return they are going to put up a show by releasing more songs.

“We have been around all along only just that Roy is now based in SA, while I (Royce) am based in Harare, so the distance has kept us out of the limelight but not out of the industry. The new single is out and we have the next one coming in April and the title will depend on what song we will choose from our pool of songs that are already written and ready for the audience,” Royce said.

The “Handirege” hitmakers are optimistic that Zimbabwean fans will still like their music.

“We do hope our music will still be liked just like the old times when we made hits like, ‘Gogogoi’, ‘Ndiye Jesu’, ‘Tenda’, ‘Chimoko’ and ‘Ndiyambuke’. Nothing has changed it is just time that has passed, our voices are still as beautiful as they were,” he said.

The soulful singers, who began their music career in the early 2000s, had most of their music recorded by now Zi-FM DJ Delani Makhalima. A video of the “Zvinoita Kunge” would be released soon.

“We are hopeful that we will release more videos towards the last part of the year after we have done a number of collaborations with a few local artistes,” he added.

Source : The Herald