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Dancing has become a unifying factor among youths from different walks of life. It has marked a new revolution in the arts sector which is slowly shifting the boundaries of creativity and producing marvellous pieces of art especially in the esteemed high density suburbs of Zimbabwe.

True to say, dancing is a lifestyle, no matter where you are from it is just about the feet. If you can dance then you have communicated.

A lot of young dancers are emerging especially in Harare, where it has become a culture but who knew Chris Brown, Vybz Kartel even our own sungura maestro Alick Macheso could influence teenagers from rural areas where we thought there is no television or cinemas to imitate those MTV Base stunts?

Surprise, surprise! Social media is the new television.

Such is the story of a Rusape based dance outfit popularly known as “The Phoenix X (TPX) Team” who have moves that can leave the director of Step Up 4D the movie green with envy. The talented group led by Taub Gessub (13) comprises of Brighton Malgas (12) and Justin Mapa (14) who conquered the regional platforms with their moves in South Africa.

In an interview with CLS last weekend at Vengere suburb, the team leader said he was happy with how they are taking dancing as a career. They jumped with joy after they learnt about CLS as their teacher said it was their dream come true to come out in the paper.

He said given a chance the trio will conquer the world as they are talented.

“As a group of young dancers TPX have a vision of taking dance to the next level, especially coming from a small town like Rusape, we want to ignite this area with style and joy derived from what we have to offer to the residents,” said Taub.

Of late, Taub who is of Portuguese origin said they started dancing early last year after they attended at a show at Makoni Country Club.

“There was this day when I went to MCC and we started dancing which left the crowd in awe. Popular dancehall singer Shinso was performing, though it wasn’t a competition but we outshone everyone. I later thought of having a group and chose my friends,” he said.

The teenager added that some of their moves are from the videos they watch on television.

“It all began in Sunningdale while at a tender age as I used to imitate the dance moves on television. My brother then encouraged me to continue dancing,” he said.

Brighton immediately jumped in saying that dancing was an inborn thing. “We are born dancers. We eat, sleep and talk dancing. I grew up in South Africa and though I am not academically gifted I chose dancing so as to sustain livelihood,” he said.

Brighton had real exposure of popular South African dance- kwaito and is the king in the group if it is about kwaito. He danced for a living in SA and won some battles.

“I have a trophy and a shield in dancing. Pretoria has a fine organisation of street battles that are well sponsored and have real prices of which l had an opportunity of competing in those battles and came up with several prices which actually motivated me to believe in my abilities and keep on dancing,” he said.

He said lack of sponsorship and opportunities were hindering the sector.

“It is all about Harare, what about us and other parts of Zimbabwe. There is a lot of talent and you should all give us a platform to showcase our talents,” he said.

He thanked some parents for supporting children who are into arts.

However, regardless of challenges faced the group had a maiden show at this year’s edition of HIFA. They are invited at weddings, social gatherings, birthdays, price giving days at various schools and in churches.

“We love style and swag. We are paying our school fees through dancing,” he said.

Asked how they balance school work and dancing, Justin said: “We rehearse for a few hours after our homework”.

Looking into the future the group aims at being the heartbeat of Rusape by establishing a choreography academy in which other teenagers interested in dance can have some coaching.

“The future is bright for us and our dream is to have a dance academy and where we teach other teenagers the importance of dance because we came a long way,” said the shy Justin.

Source : The Herald