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Russia State Secretary and Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Mr Igor Zubov arrived in the country yesterday for a two-day official visit during which bilateral security agreements are expected to be signed.

The visit comes after Russian Foreign Minister Mr Sergey Lavrov led a delegation to Zimbabwe in September last year culminating in the signing of an agreement for a US$3 billion platinum project in Darwendale.

Speaking through an interpreter soon after arrival at the Harare International Airport, Mr Zubov said there was need to strengthen police co-operation between the two countries. As such, he said an MoU on communication and training of personnel would be signed during his visit. “This is the first ever visit of the police Ministry at such a high level from Russia to Zimbabwe,” he said. “For us it is ever more important to strengthen police co-operation.

“This is one of our general lines. We are going to sign a Memorandum of Understanding, it took much time to prepare it. This MOU will allow us to arrange good contacts in terms of police co-operation and in terms of training of personnel and communication.”

Mr Zubov said the fact that many Russian delegations had come to Zimbabwe representing various sectors meant that the area of security needed to be explored.

He said the Russians were expecting to learn a lot from Zimbabwe in the area of security. “We gathered that you have experience in all the spheres of political activities, we can learn from your country as well,” he said. “We will try to make the co-operation real and fundamental. We do not have any serious issues concerning crimes and drugs between our countries, but this is normal police work and police activities between us.

“We should get acquainted with each other and know more about each other for future benefit. You have already hosted Russian delegations in the spheres of mining and the economy. There is also exchange of business activities and capital, meaning we should also be ready to co-operate in the sphere of security.”

The investment made by the Russians on the platinum project last year is one of Zimbabwe’s biggest since independence.

By 2024, the mine is expected to be producing 10 million ounces of platinum and create thousands of jobs.

Source : The Herald