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A Goromonzi farmer is threatening to sue Ruwa Local Board for over US$25 million for using her farm as a dump site.

Mrs Wom Simango, who is also a lawyer, wants the local authority to stop dumping refuse collected from Ruwa town on her farm, which is on the outskirts of the town.

Her lawyers have since written to the Ruwa Local Board demanding compensation for disposing waste into her farm

“We have further instructions to demand that you pay compensation to our client in the sum of US$25 million for the pollution of the environment and the health hazard that you have created. A further US$100 000 a year for the past three years in which you used her land illegally and deprived her use of it, is demanded,” stated the letter.

“We are also constrained to aise that if you fail to respond to this letter by 31 March 2014 we will proceed to seek the assistance of the courts to enforce our clients’ rights without further notice to you and the costs thereof will be on your account.”

Mrs Simango was allocated the farm in 2008 under the Land Reform Program. “The farm was allocated to me in 2008 under the Land Reform Program and these people are not complying with environmental laws and they are polluting and damaging the land,” she said.

A local councilor Mr Lazarus Ndlovu confirmed that Mrs Simango was suing Ruwa Local Board.

“It is bothering me and probably the rest of Ruwa residents that Mrs Simango is claiming the land that our town has been using as our dump site which means the whole town suffers at the expense of one person,” said Mr Ndlovu.

Mrs Simango said Ruwa Local Board had promised her that it stop dumping and move to another place.

Ruwa Local Board chairperson Mr Rabson Mushayavanhu confirmed the dispute and said the town was facing shortage of land for dumping its refuse.

“We are an Island within the Mashonaland East province, so for our refuse dumping and sewer reticulation we need land,” he said.

Source : The Herald