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South African television and talk show presenter Kgomotso Matsunyane is expected to jet in today ahead of Vault Cosmetics launch in Barbours store.

The presenter who is the guest of honour at the launch is also expected to be vaulted (have make-over) by Hollywood make-up artist Jackie Mgido.

Matsunyane recently posted on social media her excitement over coming to Zimbabwe.

The make-up enthusiastic is a former editor of The Oprah Magazine and a former SABC 1 Commissioning Editor for a Drama.

In an interview, Vault founder Jackie Muchanyuka Mgido said all was in place for the show tomorrow.

“I am so excited about this and everything is taking shape and place with few hours left for the day. We are picking up Matsunyane today at airport, she is very excited and since she is now the head of BET, she will use the opportunity to know and understand about Zimbabwe, how best she can deal with entertainment too. She is happy to come and believe me, she also paid some of her travelling expenses, to show you how serious and committed she is,” she said.

Mgido, who has worked with some of the biggest Hollywood names such as Snoop Dog, Wiz Khalifa, Cuba Gooding and has done make-up at Oscars and Grammy parties, said the launch will run under the theme, ‘Hollywood Style’.

“I want everything to be glamorous and have the Hollywood feel we always wanted. We have set the place like the Hollywood studios, we are working with some prominent top local and international photographers and it’s very amazing. Fans will also have an opportunity for photo session before some extreme make-over. There is also a prize for the best dressed man and woman on the day. So people should come looking fabulous,” she said.

Mgido said she wants women to live their dream.

“We should celebrate our make-up line which is the Zimbabwean make-up line and to bring the excitement back. Remember make-up is a form of self-expression. People do not only wear make-up to be presentable for other people’s standards, but because it is a part of their identity.

“People I know have worn make-up to an extent that they are told they would look better if they wore less, but they don’t because they are using it as a platform to express themselves. Make-up is an art form and fun to experiment with,” she said.

She said make-up is her passion.

“I got into Hollywood by faith, through a lot of faith and allowing myself to dream. I envisioned it I saw it and started researching and seeing how I could get there.

“I went to school and worked really hard, somebody had faith in me, a director (Scott Firestone) he helped me start my career, ” she said.

Source : The Herald