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SOUTH African Airways (SAA) flight from Harare, Zimbabwe to Johannesburg delayed by five hours following the arrest of its pilot who stripped nude at the airport on Wednesday.

The culprit, only identified as Captain W Van Ginkel is alleged to have pulled off his pants protesting the manner in which he was searched at the Harare International Airport by security details.

Eyewitnesses told journalists that it all started when an alarm security system screamed following van Ginkel’s entry.

This, according to eyewitnesses compelled the airport security officials to request that he went through the system for the second time, this time the alarm screamed much louder.

“After removing his shoes, there was something still beeping so he was ordered to remove his belt. That certainly frustrated him as he proceeded to remove his trousers, remaining with only his underwear,” an eyewitness said.

Flight SA 025 was due to transport 90 passengers when the incident forced the cancellation of the flight.

Captain W Van Ginkel was charged with criminal nuisance before paying an admission of guilty fine.

Source : CAJ News Agency