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The police will not arrest any of the top company executives who were paying themselves ‘mind boggling’ salaries, a senior cop said on Wednesday.

Despite a public outcry with people demanding the arrest of the culprits Assistant Commissioner Takawira Nzombe, the police’s deputy director for Legal Services, said they will not be arrested as their packages were legally approved by their respective boards.

He told the Parliamentary Thematic Committee on Human Rights yesterday that ‘salarygate’ was a governance issue that could be addressed without the involvement of the police.

Assistant Commissioner Nzombe emphasised that people such as former Premier Service Medical Aid Society chief executive officer Cuthbert Dube were clean as far as the police were concerned. Dube, dubbed ‘cashbert’ at the height of the revelations, earned over $500,000 monthly.

Government says it is working on legislation to block the aomical pay hikes to company executives under plans for an assault on ‘fat cat’ earnings. A source in Harare said that government is backing a move that would give parastatal boards an effective veto over pay deals they deem unacceptable.

But some observers have noted that these huge pay deals are part of the ZANU PF gravy train, so it’s likely that they will continue.

Source : SW Radio Africa