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President Mugabe reached yet another extraordinary milestone when he turned 91 years old on Saturday.

May I take this opportunity to wish him a happy birthday and many more years to come and conquer, and he is still as sharp as a needle.

The outstanding son of Africa has stood the test of time and only a handful can say exactly the same. The man has put brakes on the imperialism carriage and has invited intrigue and interest from the erstwhile former colonisers and their allies.

The man has shown the way and continues to show the way for real African political and economic freedom.

President Mugabe has stood firm and continues to stand firm, he has stood side by side with the principles that helped liberate Zimbabwe and to date continues to stand by the very same principles.

Here is a man who is demonised for the principles and policies he stands for, that is, total economic emancipation of the indigenous people of Zimbabwe and Africa at large.

President Mugabe has posed real questions to the economic status quo created by the architects of imperialism and colonisation, and with all their resources the EU and USA have failed to respond to these critical questions. Their only response has been overt and covert coercion to discredit the potent Mugabe questions.

The architects and perpetrators of the tripartite evils of slavery, colonisation and apartheid have resorted to such measures as the illegal economic sanctions against Zimbabwe. It is calculating and callous that the EU chose to announce that they would be maintaining the sanctions against Zimbabwe and President Mugabe on the eve of the President’s 21st February Movement celebrations.

That is devious, deceitful and downright dirty play. It is ridiculous that President Mugabe and Zimbabwe remain under any form of sanctions.

The EU and US will always try to save face, even if it means their callous actions of maintaining economic sanctions on Zimbabwe will further put more burdens on the already economically downtrodden people of Zimbabwe. By removing the economic sanctions against Zimbabwe and President Mugabe, the EU and US will be conceding defeat and the fact of the matter is that these two allies do not and never offer concessions but only condescendence.

The sanctions against Zimbabwe the country and President Mugabe, the Head of State and Government, are meant to block any business dealings with Zimbabwe in a bid to trigger unrest.

The blockade of any meaningful economic activity with Zimbabwe has the intended aftermath of ordinary Zimbabweans suffering because of the impact of these sanctions and the only person they see as the cause of their economic misfortunes is the Head of State and Government, who happens to be President Mugabe.

The ordinary man, woman and child is traumatised by the hard-hitting effects of these economic sanctions that they will persistently deny the existence of a hidden hand in their suffering from the designers of these immoral economic sanctions.

The hard-hitting reality though is that these fraudulent economic sanctions are the sole cause of Zimbabwe’s economic reversal, everything else is a symptom and a by-product of the economic sanctions.

What confounds the EU and the US is President Mugabe’s unique brand of politics beyond the colonial era imbued in economic emancipation of the previously disaantaged and dispossessed indigenes.

This brand of post-colonial politics has been resonating well with other people on the African continent and the sanctions on Zimbabwe and President Mugabe are meant to warn all those African leaders who try to emulate President Mugabe to steer clear of the Zimbabwe economic model of economic emancipation.

The EU and USA are now beginning to play a waiting game, which is their last remaining hope of defeating the Mugabe vision of economic freedom for the Zimbabwean indigene soon to be cascaded down continent-wide.

The idea of announcing the extension of the illegal and unprincipled economic sanctions on Zimbabwe and President Mugabe on the eve of his birthday is part of the game and the hope is that the end of President Mugabe is the end of the ideas of economic emancipation.

The former British Foreign Secretary Douglas Hurd once had this to say “The trouble with Mugabe is that he thinks like us”. The truth of the matter is that the EU and US have no answers to President Mugabe’s assertive brand of African liberation politics, save for the use of the ruinous sanctions regime to try and stifle the spread of the ideas.

Mr Hurd seems to have been suggesting that it is a privilege to “think like them” but that is to the contrary. President Mugabe only seeks one thing and one thing only, and that is to redress a historically skewed economic ownership pattern in Zimbabwe that was crafted by the colonial structure that existed before 1980.

Zimbabwe under President Mugabe is a free country and there are no two ways about that. It is only the disconnected, disjointed and misguided social media delirious outcries of the “confused free” claiming lack of freedom who think otherwise.

These are the mixed-up individuals sprawling and spoiling the African Unity Square in their purblind quest for “freedoms” they already have and enjoy.

These are the same individuals who publicly claim to have haunted the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission chairperson Rita Makarau out of her office and they freely walked back to continue littering the beautiful Africa Unity Square with their pointless journey to nowhere.

And all this is under President Mugabe!

In Ferguson, US, these thugs would have been manhandled mercilessly but not in Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe.

In Zimbabwe there are those who subscribe to the Mugabe ideas and another group of those who are products of years of Western media propaganda and conditioning.

The latter group unfortunately and understandably has been left way too traumatised by the impact of the economic sanctions to see through these power games at play.

It is not Robert Mugabe the flesh that is being kept under sanctions but the ideas he possesses and represents so that they do not spread throughout the African continent.

These ideas pose a threat to Western economic influence on the African continent.

This is where it becomes a battle between the weak and g mindsets. President Mugabe has shown mental stamina, the g mindset to withstand the negative onslaught for years and now it is up to the coming generations to pick up the torch and carry forward with this Mugabe vision and see it through to its logical conclusion and ensure that the whole African continent aspires to the same.

It is ideas that build national foundations and ideas do not stem from weak mindsets, and weak mindsets cannot see past the deceitful power games being played on the African continent.

Ideas stem from g mindsets and the ideas that have brought about the economic sanctions seek to empower ordinary indigenous people of Zimbabwe.

The fact of the matter is that there is no other route to prosperity except for the Zimbabwe model of total economic emancipation and the freeing up of wealth that was previously a preserve of a minority.


Source : The Herald