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Veteran dancer Sandra Ndebele, who has been concentrating on her business ventures and international tours, has announced her return to serious local showbiz and lined up a number of shows around the country.The musician has been concentrating on international tours and business ventures over the last couple of years.

Her appearance on local stages was limited and she has declared that for the next few weeks she will be touring various parts of the country.

She has already performed in Beitbridge and Hwange and will be staging gigs in Bulawayo and Harare soon.

In Harare, she will share the stage with youthful dancers Junior “Beverly Sibanda” Zinhu and Noleen “Zoey” Sifelani.

Sandy as she is affectionately known, accused the new crop of dancers of tainting the industry with their vulgarity.

“They (Bev and Zoey) are my little ones and I have nothing against them. Maybe they were groomed differently but personally, I don’t regard them as dancers. Their act is strip teasing,” she said.

The musician-cum-dancer who is fresh from releasing her seventh album “Zenzo” did not mince her words about her competitors.

She said her spot was never replaced as the Bev and Zoey were not in her league.

“No one covered my gap. I am a traditional dancer specialising in Istchikicha dances that I contemporise. I am different from them because what I’m selling is different from them. Maybe those girls just came up with something different that is appreciated by their fans but like I said, it is not dance,” she said.

Sandy argued that while the country’s two popular raunchy dancers might hide behind moving with the times, their moves remained inappropriate.

“Take Iyasa for example, they dance to hip hop, traditional and a variety of other dances. They are an example contemporary dancers,” she said.

She said fans can look forward to sampling her new music at her current shows.

“I have been concentrating on international gigs amongst other platform that I am using to promote my new album. I will be leaving for Russia in July where I hold musical shows in Perm,” she said.

Source : The Herald