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A PROMINENT Masvingo businessman lost $50,000 to a traditional healer who demanded a hefty payment to cleanse the man’s house of evil spirits.

Sochangane Nzumakase has since been arrested and will appear in court soo, facing extortion charges.

According to court papers shown to NewZimbabwe.com, the traditional healer was approached by the businessman’s wife, Anesu Mamboininga, when her husband, Teedzera Ndige, fell ill sometime in November 2011.

The sangoma is alleged to have told the wife that her husband was going to die unless a cleansing ritual was conducted at the family homestead and demanded a bus as payment for the job.

Nzumakase was reportedly given $6,600. He was also given a Mercedes Benz C200, valued at $15,000 as surety that she would buy the bus. A ritual was then conducted.

The wife later raised $15,000 which was given to Nzumakase but he refused to hand over the vehicle.

Instead, he demanded more money to conduct more rituals, arguing that the spirit of the businessman’s late father was determined to kill her husband.

The wife managed to raise an extra $12,000 which was given to the sangoma for him to return the vehicle but he continued holding on to the car, forcing the wife to file a police report.

Nzumakase is denying the charges, arguing that he was given the money and vehicle after conducting cleansing rituals for the family.

All in all, including the vehicle (valued at $15,000), the family lost $48,600 to the sangoma.

The matter will go to court soon where more details are expected to come out.

Source : New Zimbabwe