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One of the pioneers in the urban grooves movement, Lungisani ‘Sanii’ Makhalima is set to drop a double CD album titled “The Ark” that will be launched next month.Sanii, who is also a music producer, produced all the 24 songs that feature Zimbawean’s finest urban grooves artistes like Mzimba, Nyasha Timbe and Hingis.

The “Usandidaro” hitmaker told The Herald Entertainment that the album will be the redefining of his music.

“I call it an evolution or my music full circle. The Ark is the new beginning, and just like the biblical Noah who went through the washing away and the rebirth of a new earth. So am I,” he said.

The artiste was quick to share his sentiments on his Facebook page attributing that the album is unimaginable.

“So who would have guessed my first double CD with 24 songs? . . . it’s up to you to make it a splendid project . . . only with your support! . . . Ayeye!,” he wrote.

The album features some his latest singles like the Zim Top 100 number one song “Ndipe Rudo” and “Tirikubhaguja Bhaguja”.

“I am putting all the final touches to the songs now. All I can say is I know how I make my music and like always it is going to be one big present to my fans.

“Watch out for songs like ‘Ndimbundire’, ‘Chitsidzo’, ‘Crazy’ featuring Hingis and ‘Amana Amana’ featuring Mzimba,” he said.

Sanii said the other 12 songs on the CD are bonus tracks.

“The second part of the my CD is called ‘Evolution’ and all the 12 tracks are a bonus to those who like my music and will buy part of the 3 000 copies I will make available come June this year. I featured AG (Arnold Gara) and Azania and other upcoming artiste doing great in the local music industry,” he said.

Source : The Herald