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The Standards Association of Zimbabwe has cleared as properly licensed three companies that were last month reported to be illegally bottling water.

In a statement, SAZ said three brands of bottled water Tingamira, Schweppes Water and Wellpure were erroneously listed among 10 brands that did not have valid certification last month.

SAZ said it had since amended the list of non-compliant bottlers to exclude the three cleared brands owned by Tanganda, Schweppes and Mukati Investments respectively.

“The public is informed that Schweppes (Schweppes Water), Mukati Investments (Wellpure Water) and Tanganda (Tingamira Water), which were erroneously mentioned as not having valid certification with SAZ still hold valid licences,” said SAZ.

This leaves Super Choice, Jojo Purified, Border Streams Purified, Century, Aqua Sport and Nestle Purified among the brands still to make the list of SAZ certified water.

SAZ said the Bottled Water Certification Scheme involved testing of the water against Zimbabwean standards.

The scheme lists the physical, chemical and biological composition of good quality water and is in compliance with World Health Organisation guidelines on good quality water safe for human consumption.

“SAZ issue a three-year valid certificate to a water bottling company that would have had first registered with the Ministry of Health and Child Care and have had their water samples tested by SAZ’s accredited laboratories and on-site verification of the entire production process.

“During the three-year cycle, SAZ conducts surveillance audits and sample testing to ensure continued compliance to the standards,” read the statement.

SAZ said it had the right to withdraw, at any time, a certificate of a bottling company which is no longer compliant with the organisation’s requirements.

Source : The Herald