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Preparations for the Shoko Festival are at aanced stage with some schools confirming their participation. This year’s edition will see schools battling it out on poetry slam. Individuals from different schools will compete for the arts exhibition with the winner award being sponsored by the British Council. The schools which will participate are: St Peter’s Kubatana, Arundel, Chisipite and Prince Edward. The event will be open on September 27. Organisers have said that all is going according to plan. “It’s going to be an entertaining day for the young and families and the programme is starting to take shape,” said one organiser.

According to the organisers, the schools corner was last done in 2012, and this year it will be more exceptional because of the transformation.

The festival, which is running under the theme Re-Inspire Re-Imagine, is beginning on September 25, ending on the 28th at Alex Sports Club.

The art of live slam poetry and spoken word has taken off in Africa and has unveiled new voices, bold and rebellious, sweeping across the continent with humour, candour, slang, infectious rhythm with an extraordinary new poetic imagery and built on social consciousness.

Shoko Festival is one of Zimbabwe’s fastest growing international arts festivals produced by Magamba Network. It features urban culture, music, poetry, comedy, DJ parties, new media workshops and awards.

Source : The Herald