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A PARLIAMENTARY committee has urged government to abolish spot fines for road traffic offences by locals but maintain them for foreign drivers claiming the controversial system was contributing to road carnage and corruption.

The portfolio committee on Transport chaired by Zanu PF MP Amos Midzi said spot fines must go, as most irresponsible drivers were resorting to bribing police officers leading to an increase in road accidents.

“Spot fines and the alleged targets by the police should be abolished, they must be applied to foreigners only. An offender should be given time to pay the fine,” Midzi said while presenting his report on the cause of accidents in the country.

“The issue of misinterpretation of Acts by some members of the police so as to corner drivers to pay bribes should be stopped. There is need to train traffic police on traffic regulations.”

Midzi said Zimbabwe’s road infrastructure should also be improved through dualisation of the major highways.

“Government should give priority to road infrastructure programmes in order to improve safety on the roads.”

According to the report, there was an increase in reported road accidents between 2012 and 2013.

The committee revealed that in 2012, a total of 2,094 deaths were recorded from 30,911 road accidents while 14,965 people were injured.

Last year, 37,619 accidents were reported, causing 1,787 deaths.

“We have learnt that drivers especially of public service vehicles do not follow driving regulations and lack discipline on the roads,” said Midzi.

“Most drivers are driving negligently and without paying attention to other road users.

“In order to reduce corruption, VID inspectors and ZRP traffic officers must periodically be transferred.”

Midzi also urged the government to increase fines charged for traffic offenses so that they are more deterrent to offenders.

“The increase in fines will deter offenders and the introduction of traffic courts where routine offenders are charged and licenses cancelled,” he said.

“Second hand tyre imports must be banned, as a measure of accidents reduction on our roads.

“The removal of un-roadworthy vehicles will go a long way in restoring sanity to our roads. Some accidents on our roads are actually a result of defective motor vehicles.”

Source : New Zimbabwe