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Glen Norah-based sculptor Marshal Muzanembi is destined for greater heights with a unique style that explores sport disciplines. With most sculptors focusing on themes of wildlife, women and children among other subjects, Muzanembi believes his style would win him a different market.

“Realising that our industry is flooded I decided to establish my own brand of products and it is paying. I am specialising on sport particularly working on tennis players,” he said.

The 38-year-old artist was inspired by his uncle to venture into sculpture.

“I was inspired by my uncle Richard Mteki. I grew up seeing him working with stones and upon finishing my O-Levels in 1996 l decided to work with him and he taught me until 2002 when I started doing solo projects.

“I remember well, it all started when my two sisters picked up a piece of soapstone and I carved a bird out of it,” he said.

Muzanembi likes to create his sculptures from materials like opal, serpentine, lepidolite and spring stone. His work got popular when he exhibited at National Gallery of Zimbabwe, the Stone Heritage Gallery and the Ambassador Art Gallery.

From the Ambassador Art Gallery he was given his greatest exposure, when they sent his pieces for exhibitions in galleries in Germany, Australia and United States.

His works were so well received abroad that the Ambassador Art Gallery sponsored him in 2005 to go to Japan and exhibit his sculptures at the Japan Aichi World Expo. He spent four months doing workshops where he demonstrated his craft.

Source : The Herald