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A classical exhibition dubbed “Fish of Zimbabwe” that showcases carvings of various types of fish found in the country commenced at the Gallery Delta on Tuesday.

The exhibition was being co-hosted by artists from Chapungu and Tsindi Gallery as a way of showing the artistic side of water creatures. The exhibiting is being run by Wellington Karuru, Godffrey Matungamidze, Nhamo Chamutsa and Bernard Sakarombe who are from Chapungu and Tsindi Gallery.

Speaking at the opening, fishing expert, instructor and educator Alberto Bentoglio said it was important to host an exhibition of this caliber for people to familiarise with types of fish.

“This is something new and we want to send a message to everybody that fish should be treasured and be known by the citizens.

“Zimbabwe is blessed with various types of fish and we want our nation to become a fishing destination. People should stop polluting rivers to protect fish in areas they live,” he said.

Some of the fish sculptures showcased are tigers, bets, trout and brims. They were made from material like spring stone, lapidolite, lemon opal stone and fruit serpentine.

The sculptors said they chose to do this exhibition because they realised that most people they do not know the types of fish we have.

“We do a lot of other works but we decided to specialise on fish this quarter of the year.

“Our aim is to make people know the types of fish we have rather than just to eat what they do not know. We want to protect the heritage of fish,” said Sakarombe.

Another sculptor said they were comfortable with the returns they are getting now because they are hopeful of greater rewards in the future. “We are quite okay with what we are getting at the moment.

We do this work out of passion and we know that greater rewards come during the long run,” said Karuru.

Source : The Herald

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