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A SELF-STYLED prophet from Zaka in Masvingo will spend the next 14 years in jail after being convicted of raping a 15 year old epileptic girl.

Revesai Revesai (33) was initially sentenced to 16 years imprisonment after pleading guilty to the charge but two years of the sentence were suspended on condition of good behaviour by Masvingo Magistrate Collin Nombe.

Prosecutor Mukai Mutume told the court that sometime in December last year, the minor was taken to the prophet’s residence by her parents after Revesai had told the family he was able to treat the minor of epilepsy.

The court heard that the minor was left in the custody of the prophet and she spent a week at his residence ‘receiving treatment’.

During the healing sessions the minor had a seizure and became unconscious then the prophet took aantage of the situation and raped her once, the court was told.

When the juvenile became conscious she discovered that she had been stripped naked.

She reported the matter to her parents who in turn approached the police leading to the arrest of the prophet.

A medical report was produced in court as evidence.

According to Epilepsy Support Foundation an estimated 500 000 people in Zimbabwe are suffering from epilepsy, with the largest number of the patients coming from rural areas.

The disease commonly affects women.

Source : New Zimbabwe