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Seh Calaz manager Godfrey Bakasa affectionately known as Vokal Mubhanditi said he is no longer intimidated by the company he is in on the Zim dancehall Best Artiste Manager of the year nominees list.

Vokal (24) is nominated alongside Winky D’s manager Jonathan Banda, Peter Chiyangwa who manages Shinsoman, Freeman’s manager Watson Kafela and Crispy who manages Terminator. Speaking at the sidelines at the Zim dancehall cocktail party, Vokal said was honoured and happy with the nomination, but fans will decide who the best is.

“When I received the news, somehow I felt threatened and worried that can I emerge the winner but surprisingly it is almost the same because I know those top guns who are with me on the list feel intimidated competing with a youngster like me. The bottom line is I am not worried but will let the fans decide who rules the roost, judging with what is on the table so far,” he said.

The Mbare based manager said it is a tough competition compared to other nomination groups, whereby somehow the outcome is almost predictable.

He wished the other nominees good luck and said the nomination and voting process is fair.

“I have heard a lot of speculations on social media that I am scared and won’t win. Why people are de-campaigning others I don’t know. The awards nomination was fair and I am happy with the voting process which is also fair. Come March 6, the winner will be announced. I say congratulations to the nominees and wish them luck. Whoever wins deserves it,” he said.

Vokal said he became Seh Calaz manager because of their friendship and mutual trust.

“It started in the late 2012, while in studio with Seh Calaz who just jumped saying, ‘I want you to be my manager’. We have been friends for long and it was difficult for me to refuse. I wasn’t experienced though I worked with Bounty Lisa before.

“I am happy that we work very well and we are representing our hood,” he said.

Asked about the Mabhanditi stable of which he is believed to be one of the founders, he said it is growing.

“We formed this with Seh Calaz as the only artist but now we have recruited about five young artistes who include Starlik, Seh Sparta, DaVincho, Mad Saprk and Tipsy. The name Mabanditi came after someone made a remark to Calaz saying he touches and steals people’s hearts with his lyrics,” he said.

He dismissed allegations that the stable only distributes music on Whatsapp and other free download websites saying this is a form of aertising.

“I think we are not the only musicians doing that, releasing songs on social media. We are forced to release the tracks that way because of piracy. This is the only way to curb that as this has crippled our market.

“We then get orders from fans who want to buy our CD’s,” he said.

He cited bogus promoters as one of the challenges in the music industry.

Source : The Herald