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You can tell someone is happy by the way they do things especially if it’s for the first time.

And it’s pretty much so when they take “selfies” aboard a plane on their maiden trip to the United Kingdom in typical “Sofia Comes to Town” fashion.

Zimbabwean dancehall artiste Seh Calaz could not hide his joy on his first tour of the UK where is part of a tour that includes Freeman, Guspy Warrior, Shinsoman and Soul Jah Love.

“Now on board . . . Egyptian Airways . . . still got three mo flyts in transit till we reach our destination . . . ndoenda ndichinzwa ma sing (song) api??? Gadzirai playlist fast . . .” he posted on his Facebook wall.

One fan commented: “Isu mabhanditi taakumberi.”

On arrival, Seh Calaz he together with Shinsoman, Freeman, Guspy Warrior and Soul Jah Love posed for a picture just outside the airport.

You could tell from the pictures that youngsters were raring to go and pretty much excited.

Zim-dancehall artistes are making waves in the country and abroad where they command a following.

All the four performing artistes have done collaborations together and have something new on the market.

Guspy recently launched his club banger titled “Wedzera MaWattz”, while Soul Jah Love is making waves with “Ndirikudhadhamuka”.

Seh Calaz who is also known by the moniker “Mubhanditi”, a Shona word for ex-convict is doing well with “Mumota Murikubvira” while the evergreen Freeman aka Dancehall Doctor is blazing it up with some heavy numbers.

Source : The Herald