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Following the brawl over the weekend that led to the arrest of Quonfused, Seh Calaz’s camp has threatened to pull out of the “Voice Riddim”launch set for tonight, where the two artistes were set to share the stage.

The ugly brawl took place during the engagement partyfor Soul Jah Love and Bounty Lisa where the two artists clashed.

Seh Calaz’s manager, Godfrey Bakasa said they had put the incident behind them but it will be too early for the artists to share stage as they fear fans may react negatively.

“We have since moved on from what happened over the weekend although there are still some unanswered questions as to why Quonfused failed to talk about whatever problem there was and chose to be violent.

“We have forgiven him but we are not sure if it’s a good idea to be sharing the stage this early since the incident may still be fresh in the minds of our fans hence we are most likely to skip the launch because we are against violence and we do not intend to split the fans as that is bad for dancehall,” explained Bakasa.

After the arrest of Quonfused on Saturday, Seh Calaz extended the peace truce by deciding to drop the charges on the former.

“We decided it was wiser and mature to drop the charges because it is not a good thing to see one of our own in the dancehall circles having to go through the trauma of being dragged to the courts or even facing a jail term,” he said.

Bakasa further said the injuries that Seh Calaz sustained from the brawl were also making the situation more complicated.

“Seh Calaz has a bruised mouth and it still remains to be seen whether he will recover early for us to think about the performance so there are two things that may hinder us from performing on Wednesday (today),” said Bakasa.

Source : The Herald