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Seh Calaz is a talented young musician who together with Killer T, Soul Jah Love and Kinnah put Mbare on the Zim Dancehall map but his attraction to controversy maybe his downfall. Many still doubt his talent claiming that he only got attention after dissing Winky D in many of his earlier releases, he was ambitious and still remains so but being in the headlines consistently for the wrong reasons does no good to his career.

Some might say bad media coverage in Zimbabwe does not necessarily translate to dwindling career fortunes and they cite Pokello and Stunner’s continued rise despite a somewhat barrage of media blows after their infamous sex tape.

However, when that tape was released Stunner was already a brand, one that had successfully turned fame to fortune, one that had endeared itself to many music lovers.

Pokello on the other hand was introduced to the majority of Zimbabweans by the tape and she went on to star in Big Brother, met her tailor boyfriend and is now said to have “the best legs in the business”.

For Seh Calaz, however, it’s a different case because battling it out at pathetic venues every other week hardly makes you a star.

Of course that’s where they all started isn’t it but, it is one thing staying there and another giving your career a much needed forward momentum.

The writer attended the much publicised Soul Jah Love and Bounty Lisa engagement party which saw the young Jah Love making a point that he probably is the next big thing.

On a night where two young musicians won a battle against the stigmatisation of Zim Dancehall and its proponents by engaging publicly and pronouncing their love for each other, Seh Calaz had to be the bad boy.

One wonders why he sent the picture of a semi nude Astral Vanessa to her boyfriend Qounfuzed and expect a handshake.

The writer must not be seen as promoting violence since Seh Calaz got a beating but it’s very rare to expect anything else in such cases what with all the headlines that make H-Metro the leading tabloid in the country.

It was hardly surprising but what caught attention was the hypocrisy shown in the aftermath of the assault since, indeed, it wasn’t a fight that happened at Harare Gardens.

As the details slowly emerged Seh Calaz speaking through his manager Godfrey Bakasa said: “He (Qounfuzed) is the one who writes ‘diss’ songs against us and we don’t respond. We should have reacted but we are professionals and we don’t engage in war with fellow artistes.”

The above quote made the writer laugh hilariously as he had no previous knowledge of Calaz until he heard the Winky D “diss” tracks. Such hypocrisy cannot go uncautioned because it means they take their fans for granted, they assume their fans are dummies who have no recollection of where it all started for Seh Calaz.

His most recent hit “Hatipisike” cunningly takes aim at Winky D when he asks “Ndiani akatuka munhu akatya kudzorera? Ndini!”

Taking the hypocrisy up a notch Calaz went on to say: “I am kindly asking all my fans to forgive Qounfuzed for his actions for I have forgiven him, as mabhanditi we don’t revenge we forgive.”

It made for hilarious reading. What Seh Calaz needs to understand is that it’s no longer 2013, his breakthrough year.

As things stand he is now firmly in Soul Jah Love and Killer T’s shadows, he is no longer a newbie to the industry because this is supposed to be the year of consolidation.

Killer T and Soul Jah Love are aware of this and they are cementing their positions and naturally endorsements follow. Maybe Seh Calaz has to live with the “Mabhanditi” tag but we have never heard of Sniper’s “Masoja” shooting anyone in a bid to live up to the name.

The young man needs to put his head down and strive to be the best in the industry, a position he craves.

The writer hopes Calaz’s tour of the UK that is coming up soon is a major success.

Source : The Herald