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DEFENCE minister Sydney Sekeramayi and his health portfolio colleague, David Parirenyatwa, are amongst the Zanu PF Mashonaland East heavy weights who have been omitted from the central committee following a fresh list of members compiled Monday at the party’s provincial headquarters.

Sekeramayi, who has been a senior for the past 34 years, was reduced to an ordinary card carrying member after the war veterans decided to omit his name from the new list.

NewZimbabwe.com understands that the interim committee has already forwarded the new list of members which excluded Sekeramayi and Parirenyatwa among others to the national headquarters.

On Saturday, during the party’s congress, Mugabe rejected the list of Mashonaland East’s central committee members after claims they were all “Ray Kaukonde’s people.” Kaukonde, a local businessman, has been accused of being the financier of the alleged plot to oust and assassinate Mugabe by the Joice Mujuru camp.

Ahead of the congress, Sekeramayi was a politburo member assigned to oversee central committee elections in the province following the ouster of the provincial executive headed by Ray Kaukonde.

But on Monday the war veterans took over and booted out Sekeramayi and other top people. Also reduced to an ordinary party member alongside Sekeramayi and Parirenyatwa was the deputy minister of agriculture Paddy Zhanda.

Patrick Makombe, the war veterans leader who claims to have executive authority to run the affairs of the province, said Sekeramayi and the other senior politicians in the province were members of the Mujuru camp which wanted to assassinate Mugabe.

He said: “Because they failed to stop the plot and all the misdoing in the province, it shows that they are involved and we have rejected them for that.”

Sekeramayi joins other senior Zanu PF officials who include Mujuru herself, outgoing secretary for administration, Didymus Mutasa, Nicholas Goche, and outgoing head of commissariat Webster Shamu who all have been left out of both the central committee and the politburo.

Sekeramayi was also accused of protecting Kaukonde after the first attempt to boot the businessman out failed.

As the congress opened in Harare Sekeramayi’s wife, Tsitsi, was booed and harassed by Zanu PF youths at the party’s headquarters, accusing her husband of plotting to oust President Mugabe from power, together with Mujuru and Kaukonde.

The harassment occurred as Tsitsi was trying to get accredited for the congress with the youths shouting “Waifunga uchaita First Lady (You thought you would become First Lady)”.

Source : New Zimbabwe