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Hundreds of people yesterday gathered at Warren Hills Cemetery in Harare for the burial of Defence Minister Dr Sydney Sekeramayi’s son, Shungu, who died on Sunday.Shungu (28) was killed in an accident on the Harare-Chirundu Highway.

Government ministers and diplomats from Canada, South Africa, Uganda and Zambia attended the burial.

Dr Sekeramayi and his wife Tsitsi gave touching accounts of Shungu’s life.

Mrs Sekeramayi described how it was difficult for her to convince Shungu to go to creche and primary school, before recounting his days at Peterhouse High, his political deportation from Australia and his marriage to Pamela.

She recalled how Shungu loved Winnie Mandela to the extent of wishing to kiss her, a dream that came true when the South African liberation heroine met him at one of Zimbabwe’s Independence Day celebrations.

“Shungu was also planning the marriage of his sister Tapiwa,” she said. “On the fateful day he came to my bedroom and asked me to pray for the journey. I did pray for the journey, unfortunately Shungu never came back.”

Dr Sekeramayi said Shungu had become his partner in family duties.

“Shungu also believed passionately in empowerment, indigenisation and that we are our own liberators we are the only ones who can create wealth in this country, that we are the only ones who can create employment and make a Garden of Eden for our people,” he said.

Senior Minister of State Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo said Shungu was a friendly person and a jewel to the family.

“God has accommodation for Shungu in the heavens where we are told there are many houses and those houses are only for those who do good to each other and mankind,” he said.

Shungu is survived by his wife Pamela.

Source : The Herald