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A 34-year-old Gutu man was last week sentenced to 62 years in prison after being convicted of 33 counts of rape, robbery and unlawful entry. Learnmore Masinire of Number 24 Strausspay Farm, Zvivingwi in Gutu appeared before Marondera regional magistrate Mr Clever Tsikwa at the Chivhu Magistrate’s Court.

Mr Tsikwa travelled to Chivhu to hear the case after Chivhu regional magistrate Mr Simbarashe Jenya recused himself because he is neighbour to Masinire in their rural area in Gutu.

Masinire pleaded guilty to 18 of the counts and had full trials over 15 others.

Mr Tsikwa suspended eight years for five years from the 62 on condition of good behaviour.

In passing sentence, Mr Tsikwa said Masinire was a menace to society and deserved to be locked away.

“You have committed numerous serious offences during a short period of time hence you are a danger to society,” he said.

“Rape degrades a person and it is traumatising, more so, you deprived your victims of their hard earned money and property and you deserve a custodial sentence.”

In one of the cases, Masinire raped a 23-year-old virgin who had visited her aunt in Chivhu to inform her about her impending marriage.

Mr Tsikwa told Masinire that he had shattered the life of the woman who had been able to keep herself pure for many years.

“Losing virginity to a rapist at the age of 23 is not a joke,” he said.

“What you did to her is going to haunt her for the rest of her life.”

Masinire was only apprehended after a 24-year-old woman who had fallen prey to his crimes sweet talked him into having a relationship with her.

The woman reported the case to the police and they ambushed Masinire when he visited her.

Masinire was arrested upon arrival at the woman’s house.

Source : The Herald