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THE newly-formed Zimbabwe Rugby Union provincial leagues will see some of the teams dissolved and combined to come up with the “Seventh Team” when the competition roars into life on April 4. ZRU took over the running of the local rugby league at the beginning of the year after the National Rugby League failed to raise funds to administer the competition.

This national league has been abandoned and regional leagues adopted were the trio of Harare Sports Club, Old Georgians and Old Hararians, together with their second string sides.

It is expected some players will come from the lower teams to combine forces and come up with the seventh side, a situation that is also expected in the Bulawayo or Southern Region competition where seven teams will also be active.

At any given weekend, one team will be on a bye and this is the side that Mutare Sports Club will play and will not count as competitive fixtures but as friendly games.

This means Mutare Sports Club, who were part of the teams in the national league, will only be able to play any of the Harare teams when they are able to travel to Harare as all teams from the capital have indicated they can’t travel out of town.

In a meeting between the clubs and the ZRU, represented by director of rugby Brighton Chivandire and vice-president Colleen de Jong last month, all Harare clubs said they can only travel to play Mutare Sports Club if the ZRU fund the trips.

According to the proposed fixtures programme, all the games will be played at the same venue to cut down on costs that include ground maintenance, ambulancemedical, referees and other logistical costs.

This was the same format that was used by the then NRL before they got sponsorship from Delta Beverages between 2006 and 2010. Chivandire yesterday told The Herald that they will release the full programme today.

“The report would be ready tomorrow afternoon and that is when we can name the successful candidates for the various coaching posts,” said the former Sables coach.

Source : The Herald