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TRADITIONAL leaders at Mverechena growth point have appealed for police help in driving out sex workers who have swamped the business centre, effectively turning it into a mega brothel.

But shop-owners at the centre contradicted the traditional leaders saying the sex workers were actually helping boost business by attracting revellers from the capital.

Located about 20 kilometres north of Harare, Mverechena is popular with weekend revellers from the capital and also boasts a thriving economy as a source of fresh vegetable for Mbare Musika.

Traditional leader Sekuru Ndoro said that the number of prostitutes basing themselves at the growth point was increasing on a daily basis.

He said every morning they were disgusted to find used condoms scattered all over the place.

“It never used to be like this,” he said. “Vana vapanduka, but these are not local girls because we never saw them growing up here.

“They are a bad influence on young local girls. I don’t agree that the terrible state of the economy is forcing them to turn to prostitution they are just lazy, that’s all.”

However, a local business man operating a bottle store and butchery said the sex workers helped bring customers from the capital.

“They are not a problem at all they do their business and their clients are also our customers and so far business has picked up,” he said.

“Those who put up makeshift lodges are making a killing as these young ladies have camped here.”

Speaking to NewZimbabwe.com, one of the ladies said they turned to prostitution after it became difficult to find formal employment.

“I tried everything to make a living but it didn’t work. I was once a house maid but the pay was so bad I couldn’t afford to look after my two kids,” said a young lady who preferred to be called Angela.

She said she was from the nearby Hatcliffe suburb in Harare.

Another sex worker however complained that: “Business here is also becoming low because tawandisa (there are too many of us).

The sex workers said they charge anything between $2 and $20 depending on the client and most of them come from Harare.

Source : New Zimbabwe