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THE Seke traditional healer David Muzenda, better known as Sekuru Muzenda, whose Gokwe mistress was found dead in his car yesterday, handed himself over to police at Dema in the presence of his lawyer, Zivanai Macharaga of Mugiya and Macharaga Law Chambers at around 4pm yesterday and claimed that his girlfriend shot herself.

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While the general belief was that the deceased, Eunice Kombo, was his mistress, Muzenda, through his lawyer, Zivanai Macharaga, said the deceased was actually his wife and she shot herself.

Kombo’s body was discovered in the youthful healer’s Mercedes Benz at the shrine on Monday evening amid revelations that he approached his lawyer after the incident with whom he confided in over what had transpired before dumping his car keys and disappearing.

Muzenda, through his lawyer, claims that his wife took the gun from the dashboard before shooting herself on Monday (around 4pm) following a dispute that morning.

Muzenda says he then called his lawyer and one other person alerting them of the incident within five minutes of the alleged suicide.

He says he then went on the run because he was confused but later met his lawyer to hand himself to the police yesterday.

When H-Metro arrived at the shrine, police were still manning the place and the late mistress’ body was still in the parked car as the public jostled to get a glimpse of the body that lay in a pool of blood.

“We really don’t know if this woman was killed here or her body was dumped in the car after she was shot. No gun shots were heard although the two were said to have had a heated argument earlier in the day at Zin’anga village, one of the healer’s homes.

“This car (a Mercedes Benz) was parked at the shrine yesterday (Monday) while he used his BMW and the last time he came was at around 3pm and we don’t know what happened from there because we later heard that the woman’s body was found in the car with gun shots.

“He has since fled this place together with his four aides who usually guard this area,” narrated an H-Metro mole.

Some sources revealed that the woman was a nurse in Gokwe and the two had met after Muzenda had been treated by the lady after he got sick and their love blossomed thereafter. Muzenda comes from a village in Gokwe.

“This lady was a nurse in Gokwe and we understand that Muzenda was treated of a sexually transmitted infection by this lady and that’s how their relationship developed. This woman had visited Muzenda for the long weekend and I really don’t know what motivated the killing.

“It could be that she had discovered a top guarded secret and Muzenda was afraid that she would share it with the world. She would often come for braai at Ziko every time she was here and it’s unfortunate that she has died this way,” revealed a mole that operates at Ziko shopping area.

Sekuru Muzenda, who started operating at the shrine about five years ago, had become popular as people who wanted to boost their wealth were said to be coming to the shrine in numbers. Ironically some of the messages on his banners at the entrance of the shrine read: “Hapana anofanira kufa nguva yake isati yakwana ‘VaMuzenda vanotaura”.

“You would see well-to-do people visiting this shrine and the type of cars that would be seen parked at this place were a clear indication of the class of people who sought his services.

“Ndatongoudzwawo mangwanani kuti pawanikwa mudzimai akapfurwa mumota yemukomana. Nguva zhinji vanhu vaiuya pano havasi vagari venzvimbo ino,” Murisa village head, Sabhuku Lewis Murisa said.

In an earlier statement, the Zimbabwe Republic Police said they were investigating the circumstances in which the traditional healer, popularly known as Muzenda is alleged to have shot and killed his girlfriend, on 26th May 2014 at Zin’anga Village in Seke.

“It is alleged that the two had a dispute and as a result the accused shot and killed his girlfriend using an unidentified firearm.

“The accused then took the body and put it into the boot of his Mercedes Benz vehicle registration number ACO 9129 and locked all the doors,” said national chief police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba

She said Muzenda fled from the scene and later phoned his lawyer who then alerted the Police.

“Police are appealing for information which can assist in locating the traditional healer who is currently on the run.

“Anyone with information can contact any nearest Police station or the National Complaints Desk on telephone number 04-703631.”

This was before Muzenda had surrendered himself to the police in Dema later in the day.-Credit:H-Metro

Source : The Herald