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South African-based Zimbabwean designer and stylist Ngugi Vere has launched a clothing line called Shona Accra at the just ended Soweto Fashion Week. Shona Accra is a global brand that specialises in Ghanaian materials to create sexy, funky and classy clothing pieces and accessories. Vere said it was a dream come true as the range was now in demand. “I am happy that the much awaited clothing range and accessories is now in full swing. There was no better way of launching this innovative brand to the public. We were the highlight of the show, everyone wanted to know more of the brand,” said Vere who was the producer of SFW.

He said the theme of range was inspired by Africa and its societal settings.

“The versatility and fabric coordination of this range amused everyone. The theme of Shona Accra is Africa’s future in the past because our range has design elements of the past but with a futuristic touch. We are creating a brand that can compete with big international brands like Gucci, Armani, Dolce and Gabbana among others, but with a sophisticated creative African touch,” he said.

He said since he is Zimbabwean the range has also a Zimbabwean feel.

Vere said has worked with a lot of South African celebrities and it was his desire to include locals too on the list.

“Celebrities like AKA, Khuli Chana and Nonhle Thelma have rocked in this brand but none had the right to commercialize the brand. The launch at the Sfw was a success and we even dressed actresses and singer KB who paraded on the ramp. I will be coming back to Zimbabwe in months time to continue promoting the range and this time will include local celebrities, ” he said.

The stylist said it takes appreciation and cooperate support to reach international standards in the fashion industry.

“We have a lot of designers who are talented but what is lacking is reognition and support in the industry. Did you know that given a chance the fashion industry can promote the country tourism,” he said.

Vere is mostly known for his Velly Image and Style which is more centred on styling, grooming and deportment.

He has worked with prominent faces in the enetrtainment showbizz who include Khuli Chana, Da Les, DJ Cleo, Khanyi Mbau and Lungi Naidoo among others.

Source : The Herald