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DARING robbers in Chegutu got away with US$31 500 after they raided a wholesale in the Mashonaland West town in which they forced open two safes in an office last Saturday night. The criminals gained entry into the shop by removing asbestos sheets from the roof. National police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi confirmed the incident.

“The criminals stole US$16 848 from one safe and another US$14 696 from another safe, making it a total of US$31 544,” he said.

Chief Supt Nyathi said one of the assistant managers secured the money in the two safes adding that there was also R68 000 in coins.

They closed the shop at around 5.45pm and left a security guard at the premises.

The offence was discovered the following morning when the officials arrived to open the shop.

A report was made to the police and it was discovered that the criminals had drilled through the keyholes of the safes to open them.

“The R68 000 which was in coins was left scattered on the floor. The security guard said he was not aware that criminals had stolen the money,” Chief Supt Nyathi said.

He said investigations were still in progress and no arrests had been made.

Chief Supt Nyathi urged the public to avoid keeping large sums of money in their homes as they were likely to fall prey to criminals.

He said business owners should regularly bank their money to avoid such incidents.

Source : The Herald