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The recently produced collection of short films titled “In Short Season 6” by Invision Studios showed maturity in terms of the sequence flow of events and picture quality in the productions.

Unlike the other past series that were mostly dominated by Harare films this year it also consisted of productions from Bulawayo, Chinhoyi and Gweru.

There was increase in the number of films that inluded “Blurred”, “Secret Circle”, “The Truth”, “Tainted Love”, “Impossible List” and “Chipoko”.

The most interesting film is “Chipoko” (Ghost).It is about two thieves namely Tonde and Peter whose activities turn fateful when they break into a haunted house.

Tables turn and Tonde is killed mysteriously at that house but Peter survives with a warning from the ghost. Will the ‘Chipoko’ come back for Peter’s soul? People were left in suspense.

The film was directed by a Chinhoyi University of technology student Nyasha Guzvha who is doing a bachelor of Science Honours in Creative Arts and Design.

“The Truth” it is a lesson to those that are in relationships. It centres on Webster and Daphne who were a perfect couple until something went wrong, putting an end to the to their relationship.

In the interest of other couples out there, they agreed to share the truth about their relationship and shed light on what they feel kept them together and what tore them apart.

This film was directed by Mpilo Moyo who is a writer, rock singer and actor.

He wrote and directed a short film called “I am Legend” and he is currently in New York on some other film work.

“Tainted Love” is about two lives from different worlds who share similar troubles.

It was an eye opener that domestic and physical violence can happen to both men and women. It does not matter your social class one can be a victim.

The producers of all the collection are Denise Edwards, Charles Mugaviri Jnr and Blessing Chinanga.

Source : The Herald