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Tanyaradzwa Child Care Centre in Kadenge District, Murehwa, received a shot in the arm when Harare-based Allied Fire Authority donated fire extinguishers worth $1 000 to the centre.

Allied Fire Authority head technician Kambanje Nchimbu said it was important for the centre to be equipped with fire extinguishers for the safety of the children.

“We know that accidents happen at any time and even if they don’t, people need to be prepared for them.

“It is an honour to assist this centre because of the good work that is being done here to help vulnerable children.”

Three fire technicians — Charles Ngomani, Gift Tewo and Nchimbu — educated the children and officials on the correct use

of fire extinguishers.

They also installed the fire extinguishers in the various facilities at the centre.

“The most important thing is to preserve human life so fire fighting should be done safely and only when it is safe to do so.

“This is why we brought two types of fire extinguishers that are conducive for fighting fires that are common in such set ups,” he said.

He also lectured on the five classes of fire, saying it was important to know them for one to choose the appropriate fire extinguishers during accidents.

The founder of the home Mrs Priscilla Chitekwe expressed gratitude to the fire technicians.

She said the donation had drawn them a step closer to attaining a children’s home licence as it was a prerequisite.

“Not many companies consider people in remote areas like us when making donations. So for that we are grateful.

“As a voluntary organisation, we rely on such acts of kindness. It is our role as a nation to give the children a fair chance to life. And by providing the basic rights like food, education, clothing, shelter and protection, we are securing a future of the entire nation,” said Mrs Chitekwe.

Tanyaradzwa Child Care Centre is a voluntary organisation that cares for over 150 orphans and vulnerable children from Murehwa and surrounding areas.

The centre that was registered in 2012 has been operating from 2004, providing food, clothing and paying school fees for the children.

The centre has a facility that provides a play and study area for the children who are also taught life skills like gardening.

There are also various self-sustenance activities like farming that the home engages in to cushion themselves from hard times.

Source : The Herald