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All 16 year-olds must be given the opportunity to vote. When someone is 16 years old, he or she is aware of their surroundings. He or she is aware of the politics, the economy and all the other hardships that people are facing in their day to day lives. The teenager is able to know the best person to represent them in different issues affecting their lives. The aantages of giving a 16-year old the opportunity to vote are that they will know how to make decisions early in life. Doing that at an early age gives a person more time to understand more about life.

When the person grows older he or she would know and understand more about the things that would make him to vote for a certain person. However, there are also disaantages of giving 16-year olds opportunities to vote because some do not become mature early. If they are immature then they would be too young to decide and to vote. They won’t even understand anything about what is going on in the world around them.

The 16-year olds would also be too young to know the right person who would be able to stand up for their rights and represent them in Parliament. At that age they have not yet experienced many hardships in their lives.

They are dependants so they do not really know what life is like.

They might just think of the pleasures of life. It is therefore, the older people who can vote for the right candidates because they have experienced hardships in their lives. The youngsters will still be so young that they can be easily be bribed.

Someone can bribe them by giving them money and they will vote for the person. The youth do not really know how to choose right from wrong.

They might just follow and believe in what their parents believe in.

If a person is unable to choose right from wrong then they won’t know the right person to vote for. At 16 years they must therefore not be allowed to vote.

Source : The Herald