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A SHOWDOWN now looms between the ZIFA leadership and about half of their councillors who have called for an Extraordinary General Meeting in Harare on Saturday to discuss the state of football in this country.

ZIFA chief executive Jonathan Mashingaidze says Saturday’s meeting is illegal and those who attend it could face disciplinary measures for bringing football into disrepute.

That could mean, judging by the petition that has backed the indaba, punishing about half the ZIFA Council, including 11 leaders of Premiership clubs.

The ZIFA Constitution allows a third of the Council to call for an Extraordinary General Meeting and those who are backing Saturday’s indaba have garnered support from about half the Assembly with 29 councillors, as of last night, supporting the meeting.

There were claims, last night, that the domestic game’s landscape has become poisoned with threats being issued to some councillors against attending the meeting.

The drama is playing out, interestingly, while a FIFA delegation is in the country, to discuss ZIFA’s mountain of debt, and how the association could be relieved from their financial challenges, and yesterday they met the Sports Commission to discuss the issue.

This morning, the FIFA delegation and the ZIFA leadership, are set to meet Sport, Arts and Culture Minister, Andrew Langa, and also hold a meeting with CBZ Bank officials.

The councillors wrote to Dube last week requesting for a ZIFA Assembly Extraordinary General Meeting to discuss the state of the game this Saturday and they copied their correspondence to the FIFA Head Office in Zurich, Switzerland, CAF, Langa, his deputy Thabeth Kanengoni-Malinga and the Sports Commission.

This followed the decision by the ZIFA leadership to postpone the Annual General Meeting to June 27 this year.

“We acknowledge receipt of your notice to reschedule the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to 27 June 2015 and the reasons for the postponement cited therein,” the councillors wrote.

“May you be reminded that more than a third of the Assembly Members requested for an urgent Extraordinary General Meeting in a letter sent to you by the signed Assembly Members on 16 March 2015.

“You turned down the request on condition that the requested agenda items were to be discussed at the AGM on 25 April 2015 despite the urgency of our request.

“In terms of the ZIFA Constitution, you are mandated to call for such meetings within 90 days if a third of the Assembly members requested for such a meeting.

“In view of your notice to postpone the AGM to 27 June 2015, we the undersigned feel that you are violating the Constitution which you must protect. The same Constitution allows the undersigned members to proceed with the requested meeting if no joy is received from you and your Board.

“We now aise that the Extraordinary General Meeting, as requested on 16 March 2015, shall be held on 16 may 2015 in terms of the ZIFA Constitution Article 28. The agenda of the meeting is hereby attached.

“The Assembly Members, by copy of this letter, are inviting the Chief Executive Officer, Vice Present, ZIFA Board Members and ZIFA Honorary Members to attend this very important meeting.”

The councillors said their meeting, at Cresta Oasis Hotel in Harare on Saturday, will have a presentation by the ZIFA President’s Activity Report, presentation of an aged analysis of all ZIFA creditors, the 2018 World Cup Ban by FIFA, the participation and funding of the National Teams and the Way Forward.

Highlanders, CAPS United, FC Platinum, Chapungu, Chicken Inn, Dongo Sawmill, How Mine, Hwange, Whawha, Triangle and Tsholotsho, through their delegates on the ZIFA Council, including ZIFA Board Member Twine Phiri, the PSL chairman, have backed the meeting.

Thirteen of the 16 Regional Representatives on the ZIF Council, including all the four Southern Region and the four Eastern Region leaders, have backed Saturday meeting, and the 29 councillors, who are for the indaba, represent half the ZIFA Assembly.

Only two of the 10 provincial leaders are backing Saturday’s meeting and those who are not doing so met with ZIFA president Cuthbert Dube at his house in Groombridge last Friday to discuss the developments in the game.

ZIFA chief executive, Mashingaidze, yesterday said Saturday’s meeting was an illegal gathering as he had not given the indaba the green light to go ahead as scheduled. He wrote to the ZIFA Councilors yesterday aising them of the Board’s stance regarding the meeting and warned of the dangers of attending the indaba.

“The Zimbabwe Football Association hereby informs your esteemed office and person that the ZIFA Assembly Meeting shall take place as follows (date 27th June 2015),” said Mashingaidze in his letter.

“Meanwhile, the Association would like to inform you that a meeting which is said to have been set for 16th May 2015 in Harare has not been convened by the Association in terms of the ZIFA Constitution Article 28.

“Any meeting meant to discuss Association football is convened through the General Secretary Office, which office would co-ordinate all the logistics and transport accommodation.

“Convening and attending illegal meetings bring football into disrepute. The Association’s postponement of the AGM from 25th April 2015 to 27th June 2015 was on account of the financial constraints currently obtaining and the National Team’s obligations during May and June 2015.”

Source : The Herald