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ZANU PF Masvingo urban MP Daniel Shumba’s property is set to be attached after he defaulted on a court ruling compelling him to settle his rental arrears with a Masvingo businessman.

Shumba was given up to the end of January to settle a $1 300 debt and vacate a house owned by Emmanuel Tavaruva, but the politician failed to observe the order prompting the businessman to file for the warrant of execution.

The warrant was issued Tuesday with the legislator’s legal counsel Mutendi and Shumba legal practitioners disowning him saying they did not know the MP’s last address.

“We no longer represent him (Daniel Shumba), kindly serve same directly on the defendant I understand he resides somewhere in Harare,” Shumba’s lawyers wrote in court papers.

It could not be established by the time of writing whether Shumba had received the warrant as his mobile phone went unanswered.

Shumba’s fortunes seem to be taking a nose dive as he is often caught on the wrong side of the law.

According to media reports the embattled politician faces imprisonment for court defiance after the Supreme Court rejected his appeal to overturn a consent order to release a vehicle he erroneously attached in settlement of a debt with a Harare business man.

Zanu PF supporters on the other hand have labelled him a ‘missing person’ in Masvingo with voters accusing him of only having political interests in the area yet he is concentrating on his businesses elsewhere.

Source : New Zimbabwe