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Job Sikhala, the former St Mary’s MP for the MDC, is reportedly eyeing the post of national organising secretary for the MDC-T at its congress in October.

Sikhala formed the MDC99, after the 2005 split in the MDC, but he joined the MDC-T this year saying he decided to return so as to complete the change they started in 1999.

Although he remained non-committal when asked by SW Radio Africa about his political plans, Sikhala only hinted that he was answering calls from party activists to make himself available in October.

Our correspondent Lionel Saungweme told us a lot of the top party leadership will only confirm the positions they want once amendements to the party constitution are confirmed.

There are reports that the MDC-T wants to amend its constitution to reduce the two centres of power that have been problematic since the party’s inception. The post of secretary-general and that of the party leader enjoy almost the same powers, to an extent that the office of the President is usually less well funded than that of Secretary-General, once held by Tendai Biti.

Saungweme said Mashonaland West province moved a motion to have only the President, Vice-President, chairman, and his vice, plus the women assembly chair and youth assembly leader, directctly elected at congress.

‘The post of secretary-general, treasurer, organising secretary and spokesman will have to be elected into the national executive first and then the national council will elect by secret ballot office bearers for those positions,’ Saungweme said.

‘Consultations are ongoing to have these amendments done before the congress. Once they are approved members will make known the positions they are after, because they will come back to the provincial structures seeking nominations for the various posts,’ he added.

Source : SW Radio Africa