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OUTSPOKEN MDC-T politician Job Sikhala was Tuesday morning questioned and released without any charges laid against him by police detectives from Harare’s Law and Order division.

Sikhala had gone to Harare Central police in the company of his lawyer Obert Gutu, who is also a top MDC-T politician.

This is after he had been summoned via phone by the police who wanted to question him over his weekend utterances, where he called on a “war” against President Robert Mugabe’s regime.

The former St Marys MP was addressing a party rally on Sunday where he also called for “extra ordinary methods” of dislodging the aging leader, whose government, he said, had run out of ideas on how to remedy the current economic crisis.

“I was talking to president (Tsvangirai) and Chamisa (Nelson) that we cannot wait for 2018 all of you who are here do not have a dollar in your pockets to buy vegetables for your family,” Sikhala told the crowd in Kuwadzana.

“People of Zimbabwe will not be able to live under these conditions until 2018. So don’t think that your leadership is inactive, but we are looking for extra ordinary methods and means to deal with Mugabe.”

Sikhala’s utterances caught the attention of law enforcement agents who felt he was encouraging violence against Mugabe’s regime.

Speaking after their return from the police station, Gutu said the former student activist was subjected to “aggressive” interrogation by Chief Superintendent Moyo, Chief Supt. Ngirishi, Supt. Murenje, Detective Inspector Mirimbo and Detective Inspector Murira only to be released without any charges against him.

“They wanted to know and understand what he really meant when he said they are going to do extra ordinary things against Mugabe as well clarify a few issues,” Gutu said, “I am absolutely delighted that my client was not detained.”

Gutu said police were keen on understanding what exactly Sikhala meant by the words “extra ordinary methods and means”.

“My client was very clear that he is a politician and he meant nothing criminal in his statement and was only inviting supporters to join in the envisaged demonstrations which are constitutionally allowed,” Gutu said.

“The police said Sikhala might be called anytime whenever they may need him and we agreed because he is a law abiding citizen who has not committed any offence under the sun.”

Source : New Zimbabwe