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FIREBRAND MDC-T politician Job Sikhala has urged party supporters to brace for “war” against President Robert Mugabe’s regime, which he accused of running the country down and reducing the entire nation into virtual paupers.

The tough speaking former student activist, fresh from a return to the party that gave him national political status, said any solution outside dislodging the 90 year-old leader and his government would see the entire population wiped out by the current Zanu PF imposed penury.

Sikhala, who was assisted in this call by MDC-T national organising secretary Nelson Chamisa, was addressing party supporters at a rally in Harare on Sunday.

The outspoken politician said Zimbabwe’s current slide to disaster was so fast that if left unchecked, the MDC-T shall lose its entire support base through hunger, rendering the regime change opportunity offered by the 2018 elections, useless.

“People of Zimbabwe will not be able to live under these conditions until 2018. They will perish and we are going to miss those votes,” Sikhala said.

“So don’t think that your leadership is inactive, but we are looking for extra ordinary methods and means to deal with Mugabe.”

Sikhala, who has just abandoned his tiny MDC99 party for the mainstream MDC-T, is known for calling for methods to “topple the tyrant”.

During his numerous press conferences while at the helm of MDC99, Sikhala used every opportunity availed by a meeting with the media to urge for Mugabe’s ouster.

While the former St Marys MP could afford to go unnoticed during such calls, having been leader of an insignificant lot, it is now when he has joined a ger force that his calls could catch the attention of Zanu PF’s ever paranoid politicians.

Zanu PF spokesperson, Rugare Gumbo recently called for the arrest of MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai, accusing him of trying to incite Zimbabweans into a popular rebellion against Mugabe’s leadership.

But the threats have not in any way discouraged Sikhala, who in the past has endured torture in the hands of Mugabe’s regime, from repeating similar calls.

“I was talking to President (Tsvangirai) and Chamisa that we cannot wait for 2018,” he said, “All of you who are here do not have a dollar in your pocket to buy vegetables for your family.

“If we continue to lag behind in fear, we are going to be suppressed until Jesus Christ returns. Lets deal with Mugabe so that he will know that elections cannot be rigged. Prepare for the biggest war of your life so that we liberate our country.”

Chamisa, who was addressing the same gathering, said his party was mobilising for action to dislodge Mugabe, who has won state power but was failing to translate that into economic prosperity.

“The crisis we have is political. Zanu PF is finding it hard. It has proved that Zim Asset is a hoax, it has proved that Zanu PF is clueless,” Chamisa said.

The former government minister said Zimbabwe has been reduced to a supermarket economy thanks to a “clueless Mugabe.

“We have been reduced to second hand citizens. The problem we have is of leadership,” he said.

“Our only gun is people’s aspirations, our only gun is people’s power and this is what will liberate Zimbabwe. This is what will see you and me having food on the table.”

President Mugabe’s regime, which maintained its grip on power via an overwhelming victory July last year, is battling to find solutions to the current economic crisis.

Mugabe last week took a delegation to the United Arab Emirates to inspect diamond trading facilities after his country has had successful sales in the Arab market.

Source : New Zimbabwe