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The popular Simuka Comedy in collaboration with ZimComedyLive will be making a debut appearance on television this month with a show called “Comedy Banger”.

Zimbabwe’s finest comedians like Carl Joshua Ncube, Michael K, Doc Vikela and Simba “The Comic King” will be headlining the show that is happening tonight at the Book Cafe.

Simuka Comedy manager Shanee Banda said they are excited about the move and are ready for the show.

“It is a great honour that we will be making first recording for the television this time and all our comedians are promising fireworks.

They are so geared up that they can not wait for the perfomances which we expct to be top drawer,” she said.

Simba “The Comic King” said: “Everyone’s going to be doing it like they are doing it for TV.

“People should be ready to laugh out loud, throughout the show as we have acts that will leave them in stitches, I promise a good night to those who will make it to the show.”

According to Michael K they are going to put up an perfomance that will be out of this world

The talented and popular comedian, said “everybody can expect something epic”.

New comedian from Bulawayo Marshal Elando said: “I will be there to have a good time.

“People should expect good and fresh jokes. That Harare hospitality I always read about in the papers, I want to have a feel of it, when I come that side”.

The show has been titled “The Comedy Banger” because it is a new thing as it is the coming together of two big comedy clubs to produce a great comedy night.

Simuka Comedy is a collaboration of popular and emerging comedians who develop, promote and present comedies.

The event was founded in June 2011 by Simba the Comic King and Doc Vikela.

Source : The Herald